Smart Contracts for The Music And Film Industry

In this episode of Whale Tank, Ray and Tim is giving a Overview of Starwire.

They are doing amazing thing by Using Smart Contract In The Music And Film Industry.

How Does Starwire’s Smart Contract Builder And Revenue Simulator Works For The Music and Film Industry?

The STARWIRE vision is to revolutionize the way content creators within the entertainment industry get credit for their intellectual property and get paid when their work is consumed.

We use machine-learning, blockchain technology, and smart contracts to provide a transparent way for artists, film-makers, writers, actors, musicians, game designers, or any creative contributor to a digital asset, to secure their IP and receive micropayments when the smart contracts are triggered.

The blockchain enables new ways to think about the value exchange between creators, middlemen, and consumers. Through the use of this emerging technology, we are better able to capture and distribute value much more efficiently enabling an environment that rewards creation from content creators and reduces piracy by content consumers.

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